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While its low price makes AX-200 an attractive choice for the smaller business, its high specification and superb performance make it equally popular in larger organisations and busy locations.


The 4-line 24 character alphanumeric operator display describes all items by name and gives user-friendly prompts to ease and speed service. The single-line LED turret display can be rotated to the best viewing position for the customer.

Drop and Load Silent Printer:

AX-200's hi-tech drop and load printer, with separate 58 mm thermal receipt and audit rolls, simplifies and speeds paper roll changes and eliminates the possibility of paper jams. There is no ribbon to replace or fade, so receipts of the same exceptional clarity are produced every time. There is a 5-line header message for your company details and VAT number and a 5-line footer for your sales or thank you message.

Option of Low Cost Scanning:

The AX-200's memory can hold up to 5,000 sales items as Price Look Ups. You can enter sales manually on the keyboard by registering the Price Look Up number. Or you can scan bar-coded items for high-speed sales. A range of low-cost scanners is available for the AX-200.

Bar Code Learning:

If you come across an unprogrammed item - even in the middle of a sale -  Enter Price + Linked Dept' appears on the screen. After you enter the price and press the department, subsequent sales of the item will scan, showing the price and department name. Barcode names and prices can also be entered by PC.

Server Interrupt:

5 servers can use the AX-200 concurrently to avoid queue build-up. If a server leaves an unfinished order on display, it is automatically stored if another server uses the machine and brought back when the original server enters his ID number. Alternatively unfinished orders can be automatically stored after a pre-programmed number of seconds.

Solid State Memory for Data Security:

From the many useful features available on the AX-200, you or your dealer can select just the programmable options that suit your business. Your programme and sales data are securely stored in battery-backed RAM memory.

Powerful Management Reporting:

A choice of thirteen management reports is available daily and periodically to provide the information you need to control your business. Five Display Only reports (flash reporting) are also available.

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Some of the many important features: